New Angolan model of pre-departure goods inspection in place

17 August 2006

Luanda, Angola, 17 Aug – All goods entering the Angolan market in future must be labeled in Portuguese as a result of the country’s new pre-departure inspection (IPE) regime being put into place Wednesday.

Under the terms of the law approved in a Council of Ministers a large number of goods must be inspected before they are dispatched in order for their price, quality, quantity, technical, commercial and sanitary characteristics to be verified.

The companies that wish to carry out the IPE of goods to be sent to Angola must have a permanent office in Angola, technical and administrative capacity for inspecting on the date the license is issued, and have their own laboratories, amongst other requirements and must be licensed by the Angolan Finance Ministry.

Products on the list requiring pre-departure inspection include, second-hand vehicles as well as other land vehicles, used engines and accessories, live animals, meat, fish, milk and dairy products, live plants, seeds, fruit, cereals, sugar, alcoholic drinks, tobacco, chemical and pharmaceutical products and toys.

Expenses incurred with services provided by companies authorized to carry out the IPE are to be borne by importers and the highest import tax rate shall be applied to all importers who do not carry out the required pre-departure inspection of goods. (macauhub)