JP Morgan includes Portugal Telecom among is top 17 shares

18 August 2006

Porto, Portugal, 18 Aug – U.S.-based Investment bank JP Morgan included Portugal Telecom in its list of the 17 best investment opportunities in the world, according to an analyst report made public Wednesday.

JP Morgan forecasted a negative outlook for the future of global markets, noting that the markets “will continue to present low rates of return in the last few months of the year”.

However, JP Morgan’s analysts did provide a list of its 17 most attractive shares, explaining that this list was not a recommendation to buy, but simply a guide for investors.

Using three indicators as a basis (evaluations, results and shareholder remuneration policy), JP Morgan highlighted stocks in the U.S. pharmaceutical, software and telecommunications industries, the U.K. retail and services sectors, Euro Zone telecommunications and Japanese new technologies.

Within these sectors, the 17 best stocks are from the following companies: Eli Lilly, Merck, BMY, Pfizer, AT&T Bellsouth, Microsoft, Oracle, Portugal Telecom, Telecom Itália, Alliance Boots, Kingfisher, Sauinsbury, Centrica, Rohm, Toshiba and NTT Data.

In order to be on the final list, companies have to have a market capitalization above US$ 10 billion and be in the top half of at least two of the three indicators for each of the four regions analyzed.

Portugal Telecom is among the best in terms of shareholder remuneration policy – number one in Europe – with an average rate of profit distributed to shareholders of 93 percent since 2003. (macauhub)