Spain finances clean up of Bissau trade port with 200 thousand euros

21 August 2006

Bissau, Guinea Bissau, 21 Aug – The Spanish government, via the Port of Las Palmas, is going to finance the clean up of the trade port of Bissau, with 200 thousand euros (US$ 256,592), via the removal 11 of the 14 boats that have sunk in the area, the administrative officials announced Friday.

Carlos da Silva, trade director of the Ports of Guinea Bissau (APGB), said the clean up was recently agreed upon between the sides during a visit by a Port of Las Palmas delegation to Bissau.

Due to alleged financial difficulty, various damaged boats used for fishing and the transport of people and goods ended up sinking at the Bissau port, transforming the area into a cemetery for boats.

This has made it impossible for large-sized boats to moor at the Pindjiguiti port, because of the silt that has accumulated at the bottom of the sea.

The person responsible for managing all of the country’s trade ports also said that his company is in negotiations with the World Bank’s private sector rehabilitation and development project, so that work can be carried out to recover the Bissau port.

Dredging, environmental impact studies and renovation of the signalling system are just some of the tasks that APGB hopes will get done with funds that may soon be provided by the World Bank. (macauhub)