Cape Verde to invest spend US$ 18 million on infrastructures in Praia

22 August 2006

Praia, Cape Verde, 22 Aug – The government of Cape Verde is going to invest 14 million euros (US$ 18.03 million) on infrastructures in Praia, an amount that will be financed by the Cape Verdean banking sector, reported Panapress news agency, citing a government spokesperson.

According to Panapress, the bank loan contract was possible thanks to the three million euros (US$ 3.86 million) recently donated by Angola, an amount that will cover the interest on the loan.

Among the areas of the Cape Verdean capital that will be under construction to receive the new infrastructures is the historic center of the city, known as Platô, which will be repaved with cobblestone.

Another project included in the infrastructure construction work is repaving the road that links the city to the town of S. Francisco, where an important tourist development is being built.

Also on the agenda is repaving the roads that go to Prainha and Palmarejo, two of the city’s most modern neighborhoods, with over 120 thousand inhabitants. (macauhub)