Tea and cashew nuts amongst most sought-after products at Maputo International Fair

4 September 2006

Maputo, Mozambique, 04 September – Tea and cashew nuts were amongst the most sought-after Mozamb ican food products at this year’s Maputo International fair (FACIM 2006), online news site Zambézia Online reported.

According to the site, which cites exhibitors at FACIM 2006 (which closed Sunday), these two products were of interest to both Mozambican and foreign business owners.

As well as several offers to buy, business owners also showed interest in visiting factories where both tea and cashews are processed, according to the site’s sources.

According to Zambézia Online, Mozambican exhibitors complained of a lack of publicizing of the products by the fair’s organizers.

They said that several of the business owners that visited the fair where surprised at some of the products presented at the exhibitions.

This year’s FACIM opened Monday with companies from 13 countries and territories taking part – Portugal, Germany, South Africa, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Norway, Spain, Finland, Swaziland, Canada, Malawi and Macau – four fewer than took part in the 2005 fair and over 500 exhibitors overall.

Amongst the exhibitors there are also foreign businesspeople who decided to take part in FACIM individually, who are from Tanzania, Kenya, Bangladesh and Taiwan. (macauhub)