Siemens Portugal provides IPTV solution to Cabo Verde Telecom

5 September 2006

Lisbon, Portugal, 05 Sept – Siemens Portugal said Monday that it will supply Cabo Verde Telecom, the Cape Verdean fixed line and mobile phone operator, with an IPTV solution, or television via the Internet, the sale of which is expected to begin by the end of the year.

Siemens Portugal said that it had been selected by Cabo Verde Telecom to provide the IPTV solution, as well as all the transport infrastructure (SDH) and access (ADSL2+) for the installation of this new service in Cape Verde.

The company, which has already provided this solution to Dutch company KPN and Belgium’s Belgacom, said that the first phase of the project had been launched in May, and the Cape Verdean company is expected to offer “triple-play” (telephone, Internet and television) packages before the end of the year.

The choice of Siemens Portugal is due to its having a World Innovation Center for Home Entertainment, with engineers working in the areas of strategy, management and development of the solution on a global level, Siemens said in a statement.

The chief executive of Cabo Verde Telecom, António Pires Correia explained that the triple-play service was planned to reach 6,000 customers initially and cover the entire country within two years.

“In order to reach this objective we opted for some of the most advanced technology in order to make several television channels available. In this first stage our investment was of some 2.7 million euros,” he said.

Cabo Verde Telecom, whose biggest shareholder is Portugal Telecom (with 40 percent of the capital) and is the only fixed and mobile operator in Cape Verde.

The company’s shareholder structure also includes the Cape Verde social security institute (INPS) (around 38 percent), Angola’s Sonangol (5 percent) and the Cape Verdean state (3.4 percent), Amongst others. (macauhub)