Freight exchange in Angola to start operating this year

7 September 2006

Luanda, Angola, 07 Sept – Angola’s freight exchange, where Angolan and foreign ship owners, transporters and suppliers can negotiate prices of transporting goods, will start operating this year, Angola’s Transport minister, André Luís Brandão, told Angolan news agency Angpop.

Brandão said that the introduction on the market of the freight Exchange would make it possible to reduce costs of transporting goods that go in and out of Angola, as direct negotiation between ship owners and transporters (without using intermediaries) the price of freight would tend to go down and get closer to average prices in southern Africa.

“These days, the people who negotiate freight with ship owners and transporters are the suppliers and that needs to be changed by making an instrument available to Angolan business owners to negotiate directly with the transporter and thus allow for a resurgence of Angolan shipping,” the minister said.

The implementation of a freight exchange in Angola is a recommendation from the MOWCA- Maritime Organization of West and Central Africa. (macauhub)