Modernization and expansion of Angola’s Cabinda port to cost US$55 million

13 September 2006

Luanda, Angola, 13 Sept – The port of Cabinda in Angola will undergo modernization and expansion at an estimated cost of US$55 million which will make it possible for the port to receive ships of a greater capacity, Lobo Nascimento, director of the port said Tuesday.

The proposal is awaiting approval by the Council of Ministers, but Nascimento said he expected that work could begin in the first quarter of next year in order to be finished by March 2008.

The program for modernization and expansion of ports in the northern Angolan enclave of Cabinda will also make it possible for Cabinda port to deal with cargo from several central African countries.

“The aim is to attract to Cabinda Port the countries without access to the sea in the central African region, which currently use Ponta Negra Port (in the Republic of Congo),” said Nascimento.

The port will have a manouvering basin nine-meters deep, which will make it possible to receive ships with a greater capacity, while the access channel will be 80 meters wide, allowing two ships to pass through it simultaneously.

Nascimento said that the modernization and expansion plan would give Cabinda Port the conditions to meet local and regional needs.

Cabinda Port is the third largest in Angola and expects to deal with 250,000 tons of cargo this year.

The largest Angolan port is that of Luanda, which processed around 4 million tons of cargo in 2005 and is currently undergoing modernization work expected to cost US$130 million.

On the Atlantic coast of Angola there are also the ports of Namibe, in the south of the country, and Lobito, which is considered to be one of the best-equipped on the West African coast. (macauhub)