International Labor Organization supports plan to fight unemployment in Cape Verde

14 September 2006

Praia, Cape Verde, 14 Sept – A mission from the International Labor Organization (ILO) arrived in the Cape Verdean capital of Praia this week to make a start on technical cooperation with the government of the archipelago on its National Plan to Combat Unemployment, a government statement said.

The delegation, which arrived on the archipelago Tuesday, is made up of the Deputy Director and Specialist in Employment Development Strategies, Dramane Haidara, and by Program Administrator, Cheikh Badiane, according to the statement.

The ILO mission is scheduled to meet with the Minister of Qualification and Employment, Sara Lopes and other members of the government, external partners and public bodies.

Thursday the specialists are due to take part in a seminar at the Finance Ministry on the ILO’s Experiences and Good Practice in the area of National Action Plans for Employment.
According to the government, the implementation of measures against unemployment requires, “the need to develop synergies with companies, municipalities and other players, a significant mobilization of external partners and a national capacity to plan, formulate, implement and coordinate active employment policies.”

Unemployment “mainly affects youngsters,” in Cape Verde, and measures to combat it need to give them “a better capacity to enter the labor market,” which requires “effective measures that are implemented with urgency.” (macauhub)