Brazil’s Embraer employs more engineers, seeks bigger share of Chinese market

20 September 2006

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 20 Sept – Brazilian plane maker Embraer is to contract 200 extra engineers to boost its competitiveness in the international market for executive aircraft, a business journal has reported.

Gazeta Mercantil quoted Luis Carlos Affonso, deputy-chairman of Embraer’s executive aircraft division, as saying the company had created 500 new posts to be filled by the year’s end, with 200 of the new jobs being in the engineering department.

Embraer’s goal is to expand its executive aircraft business in China, said Affonso. The Brazilian company already has a 5 percent share of this market sector in Latin America.

The Chinese market for executive aircraft is growing by “9 percent a year”, said Affonso, noting the vigorous nature of the economy in China, where Embraer has a “joint venture” with a local manufacturer in the city of Harbin.

To respond to contracts already signed worth US$ 10 billion and purchase options valued at US$ 37 billion, Embraer invested around US$ 600 million from 2006 to 2007, the company’s chief executive, Mauricio Novis Botelho told Gazeta Mercantil.

Embraer’s plans for the executive plane sector (10 to 19 seats) include increasing production of its Phenon-100 12-seat and Phenon-300 16-seat jets, the company announced Monday at the unveiling of a full-scale model of the Phenon-100.

The Brazilian company estimates it will sell about 1,000 of this type of aircraft over the coming 10 years, reported Gazeta Mercantil.

Embraer has operated in the executive aircraft business since 2000 and the sector already generates 7 percent of the firm’s turnover. (macauhub)