Guinea Bissau government meets with donors to prepare Geneva round table

5 October 2006

Bissau, Guinea Bissau, 05 Oct – The government of Guinea Bissau is to meet Thursday and Friday with representatives of the international community as part of “Forum Bissau” in order to prepare the round table with donors set for November in Switzerland, Guinea’s Foreign Ministry said.

Abduramane Turé, of the Guinean Foreign Ministry, said that the Bissau government’s aim was to establish how receptive the representatives of the international community would be to the round table, scheduled to take place on November 7 and 8 in Geneva.

To this end the ambassadors and representatives of all the international organizations that cooperate with Guinea Bissau were invited to a meeting.

“Forum Bissau” will serve for the government to show its potential donors that it has “done its homework” particularly in terms of the support documents for the round table in Geneva, said Turé.

The documents to be taken to the round table meeting, and which will also be presented at Forum Bissau include the National Strategy Document for Reducing Poverty (DENARP), the Multi-year Action Plan (PAP) and the Three year Public Investment Program (PTIP).

The Geneva round table, which is Guinea Bissau’s last resort in terms of funding, has been classified by the Bissau authorities as a venue to mobilize around US$355 million.

This amount is part of a package totaling US$441 million that the Bissau government considers necessary to re-launch the country’s economy after a lack of foreign financing due to the crises that Guinea Bissau has suffered over the last nine years.

The government says it has already secured US$87 million for the few development projects underway in the country, and only need supplementary funding from November’s round table.

If the Guinean government is able to secure the funding it needs at the round table it will begin a re-launch program in areas such as education, health, road construction, all as part of a program of public investment over the next three years. (macauhub)