STP-Airways to start flying in November

6 October 2006

Sao Tome, Sao Tome and Principe, 06 Oct – STP Airways, the national airline of Sao Tome and Principe that has replaced Air São Tomé, is expected to start flying as of November, the Sao Tome minister of infrastructure, Delfim Neves said.

Neves, who spent the week in Portugal to negotiate with international operators interested in taking a stake in STP-Airways, announced that the negotiations would be concluded in Sao Tome on October 16, followed by the signing of the final agreement.

Neves travelled to Portugal immediately after the publication of the law that created the new airline.

The minister is fighting “against the clock” to quickly fill the vacuum left by the bankruptcy of Air Luxor-STP on its route between Sao Tome and Principe and Portugal.

The government plans for the new company to run at least a third of the international routes that Sao Tome has under the terms of agreements signed with several countries.

The work carried out in Portugal had been of some success, the minister said, adding that there was already a pre-partnership agreement, although he declined to name the potential partner.

Neves said that Angolan state airline TAAG is, for now, the only African company invited to take a stake in STP-Airways and guaranteed that at the October 16 meeting the partners will be given details of the project for investing in the new company. (macauhub)