Russian business people in Mozambique to make preliminary contacts

9 October 2006

Maputo, Mozambique, 09 Oct – A delegation of Russian business people arrived in Mozambique to make contacts with local partners for potential future cooperation, the president of the Mozambique Chamber of Commerce said Friday in Maputo.

Veloso also said that the presence of the Russian business owners in Mozambique was a sign that the understanding between the business people from the two countries on the need to increase cooperation, in order to change the current reality.

Mozambique was one of the privileged political partners of the former Soviet Union, in Southern Africa during the cold war, but currently trade relations between the countries are insignificant.

Questioned by Mozambican journalists about the advantages the Russian mission could bring to Mozambique, Veloso said that “at the moment the only gain is to make contacts and potentially set up future cooperation because nothing has been set; this is a first contact.”

“The Russians’ interest is in selling equipment. Some are interested in investing, particularly in the hydrocarbon, oil and gas sector and mining, but essentially, they are industrialists looking for markets for their products,” he said.

Sergey Gavrikov, head of the Russian business delegation, said that “the mission is being carried out at a time when both in Mozambique and in Russia there is a positive political environment which favors the strengthening of trade relations and setting up partnerships.”

The mission includes Russian companies such as SAF, Nobel Oil and oil engineering company PKNM, which produces equipment for oil drilling. (macauhub)