Macau to introduce renewable energy to power distribution in 2007

16 October 2006

Macau, China, 16 Nov – The Macau government has said that at the end of next year it will introduce renewable energy into electricity generation and in 2008 will gradually increase the use of natural gas as a fuel for public transport.

The secretary for Transport and Public Works, Ao Man Long, said Friday that the government was negotiating with Southern Power Grid Corporation on the amount of power to be provided to Macau.

The Southern Power Grid Corporation won the 15-year concession to supply Macau with natural gas.

Ao also said that this measure would make it possible to “improve air quality,” in Macau.

In July the consortium made up of the China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation and Companhia de Gas Natural de Macau, Limitada (Sinopec/Gás Natural de Macau) announced it planned to invest 10 billion patacas (US$1.3 billion) in building a liquid natural gas (LNG) terminal.

The consortium plans to build an LNG reception terminal on an island near to Macau, including a sea terminal for LNG cargo ships, a re-gasification system, gas pipelines for transporting gas, storage equipment, and other types of equipment. In the first phase the complex will have a capacity of 2 million tons per year (2MTPA) of LNG.

Until the first phase of the development is concluded, which is expected to take three years, the consortium is required to ensure Macau is supplied with gas via a source on the Chinese mainland in order to comply with supplying natural gas to Macau in 2007.

The Macau government has said the LNG reception terminal could be a basis for the gradual development of a regional natural gas industry in Macau. (macauhub)