Financial and business weekly newspaper launched in Guinea Bissau

20 October 2006

Bissau, Guinea Bissau, 20 Oct – A group of Guineans Thursday launched a new newspaper in Bissau exclusively focused on providing financial and investment news in Guinea Bissau, a project which is headed by Francelino Cunha, a former director-general of the country’s state television station.

Speaking to Portuguese news agency Lusa, Cunha said the newspaper would be called Comdev Negócios and was a private independent weekly with 12 pages.

Cunha added that Comdev Negócios, whose name is an abbreviation of “Community Development,” aimed to fill a void in the Guinean market, which is a lack of specialized information on the economic potential of Guinea Bissau.

The new newspaper, in tabloid format, printed in two colours (green and black), will cost 500 CFA francs (0.76 euros) and will be sold in Bissau and the country’s interior, and may yet be sold abroad.

The publication is owned by Peter Dagba, a Nigerian citizen who has lived in Guinea Bissau for several years, where he is involved in several business areas and granting microcredit.

The first issue of the newspaper focuses on a report on the second-largest city in Guinea Bissau, Gabu, 200 kilometers East of the Guinean capital as well as an interview with the Economy minister, Issufo Sanhá.

Guinea Bissau currently has four newspaper, which are published irregularly – state newspaper, Nô Pintcha, and private newspapers, Kansaré, Diário de Bissau and Gazeta de Notícias. (macauhub)