Association of African Diamond Producing Countries to be set up in Luanda

1 November 2006

Luanda, Angola, 01 Nov – African diamond producing countries, which represent 60 percent of world diamond production, this week officially set up an association that will allow them to take on a significant stance in controlling the market and pressuring diamond companies against illegal diamond trading.

“The association will serve to prevent diamonds being used to finance war and also to protect prices and production,” the Angolan Minister of Foreign Relations, João Miranda, told Portuguese news agency Lusa.

The African Diamond Producing Countries Association (ADPA) will be set up Friday at a ceremony to be held in Luanda involving 16 countries, including Botswana, which is the world’s largest producer.

The plan for the association was put forward by Angola, which is the world’s sixth largest producer of diamonds, and it was rapidly agreed upon, as the continent, despite representing most of the world’s diamond production, has had no significant influence on the sector’s global strategies.

The ADPA will be formally set up Friday at a ceremony attended by representative from the African Union, in a gesture that Miranda said he considered significant in terms of the importance attributed to the new association.

The ADPA will be led by a Council of Ministers, headed by each of the member countries in turn, and will also have an Expert Committee and an Executive Secretariat, which will ensure the association’s day to day working.

The APDA’s members will be, Angola, South Africa, Algeria, Botswana, the Republic of Congo, the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Guinea Conakry, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Namibia, Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. (macauhub)