Brazilian participation in Guangzhou Fair rises over 30 pct

3 November 2006

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 03 Nov – More than 100 Brazilian business owners took part in the Guangzhou Fair held in October, the director of the Brazil-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIBC) told Macauhub Friday.

“In October, around 100 business owners from 12 Brazilian states went to the fair through the chamber, which is a 30 percent increase on October 2005, and shows the increasing interest of the Brazilian business community,” said Kevin Tang, the director of the chamber.

The group was made up of representatives from the textile, electronics, chemical and construction sectors, amongst others.

Four years ago the CCIBC – a Sao Paulo-based organization linked to the Chinese Council for Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) – signed an agreement with the organizers of the Guangzhou Fair and, according to Tang, became the event’s official organizer in Brazil.

There were, however, a group of business owners that traveled to China without the involvement of the CCIBC, which took the number if Brazilian participants to over 100.

Amongst those independent delegations was one made up of ten business owners from the state of Paraná (southern Brazil) – from the food, construction, footwear, clothing and wooden flooring sectors.

The group, according to Ardison Nain Akel, the vice president of the state’s industry federation, FIEP, had commitments other than the Guangzhou Fair.

“We took advantage to do a presentation of the products and industrial services of Paraná to the CCPIT,” Akel said.

The federation of industries of Santa Catarina state, FIESC, also organized an independent delegation.

One of the members of that group, FIESC’s vice president, Glauco Côrrea Corte, told Macauhub that the delegation was made up of business people from several sectors, such as textiles, construction and metals.

Tang from the CCIBC said he hoped that Brazilian interest in the Guangzhou Fair would be even greater from now on, as the April 2007 edition would be the first to also focus on Chinese imports.

This month, the CCIBC will begin organizing the trip for the April 2007 fair, to which it plans to also take Brazilian government representatives and state governors, as occurred in April this year, when the governor of the state of Santa Catarina, Luiz Henrique da Silveira, traveled to China. (macauhub)