World Bank to continue to support development in Mozambique

6 November 2006

Maputo, Mozambique, 06 Nov – The World Bank pledged Saturday to continue to support measures to combat poverty in Mozambique, saying that it was, “a country of great successes and opportunities.”

At the end of his visit to Mozambique, the director-general of the World Bank, Juan Daboub, praised the effort and stability achieved by Mozambique since the beginning of the 1990s and called on the government to encourage the involvement of the private sector.

“This type of dynamism coupled with a correct regulatory mechanism and a business climate that attracts participation form the private sector helps to create thousands of additional jobs,” he said.

Amongst the “progress” achieved by the country, Daboub highlighted the provision of public services such as access to healthcare, education, water and sanitation.

Daboub met with prime minister, Luisa Diogo, and the ministers of Planning and Development, Finance, Mineral Resources, Energy, transport and Communications, Public Works, Agriculture, Trade and Industry, Education and Culture, Health, as well as with representatives of the private sector and civil society.
Daboub announced that by June 2007, the World Bank would finance three benchmark operations in Mozambique, contributing US$75 million to the state budget, US$32 million to developing the city of Maputo, and a further US$75 million for the rehabilitation and maintenance of the roads and bridges sector. (macauhub)