Macau has third lowest average corporate taxation level in the world

7 November 2006

Macau, China, 07 Nov – Macau has the third-lowest average taxation level for companies in the world, Macau daily, Tribuna de Macau reported Tuesday citing a report drawn up by KPMG.

Having analyzed company taxation in 86 countries and territories in 2006, KPMG said that the world average corporate taxation level was 27.1 percent while in Macau it stood at just 12 percent.

Of the group of countries and territories surveyed, Macau was behind only the Cayman Islands – a tax haven where businesses pay no tax – and Cyprus, where average corporate taxation stood at 10 percent.

Oman, like Macau, had average company taxation of 12 percent.

The list drawn up by KPMG was headed by Japan where corporate taxation levels stood at 40.69 percent last year. (macauhub)