Barometer measures perception of business climate in Angola

9 November 2006

Luanda, Angola, 09 Nov – Business people’s perception of the corporate climate in Angola was slightly positive, a new business barometer drawn up by the Center for Scientific Study and Investigation of Universidade Católica.

The first figures from this barometer, which will be issued quarterly, relate to the May to August period, and are from a sample of micro, small and medium-sized companies.

In the period the barometer swung from a very negative position in May (-0.68) to a slightly positive level in August (+0.23).

This indicator is assessed via several parameters, which range from very positive (from 1 to 0.5) up to very negative (from -0.5 to -1).

The barometer aims to analyze the development of the business climate in Angola, providing information on economic, social and political indicators considered relevant to establish political and business strategies.

In terms of the indicator relating to the economic situation, the businesspeople showed a slight improvement in perception form May to August, from very negative (-0.71) to slightly positive (+0.05).

This indicator is the result of changes in variables that affect economic activity, including inflation, exchange rates, access to credit, active interest rates, corporate taxes, tax and customs incentives, access to acquiring foreign currency, transferring cash abroad, salaries and energy.

According to the analysts from the Center for Scientific Study and Investigation, this development could mean that economic agents are beginning to feel the benefits of macroeconomic stabilization, namely believing that the 10 percent inflation target for the year will be reached. (macauhub)