Cape Verde electricity company guarantees water and electricity supply in 2007 without cuts

10 November 2006

Praia, Cape Verde, 10 Nov – The chairman of Cape Verde’s state electricity and water distribution company, Electra has guaranteed that in 2007 the Cape Verdean capital would have no problems with its power supply.

Antão Fortes, chairman of the company, control of which was recently sold by Portuguese consortium Electricidade de Portugal/Águas de Portugal (EDP/AdP) to the Cape Verdean state, justified his expectation by the leasing of four 1.5 KVA generators.

This equipment, according to Fortes, was already being installed and, he said, would remain in Praia for around a year in order to boost installed capacity.

However, in order to resolve the chronic lack of installed capacity, Fortes added that negotiations were currently underway with the African Development bank (ADB), which is likely to finance two groups of generators and a distribution line to the interior of Santiago Island.

The new board of Electra wants the situation resolved more quickly than this, however, and has proposed to the government to buy two groups of generators before the arrival of those bought with ADB funding.

Another problem is that Electra is facing are the losses of power on the network and illegal connections that have caused losses to the company.

Fortes said that the losses attributed to problems with the network and illegal connection had not yet been quantified, but said that “we known they are high.”

In terms of water supply, Fortes noted that an increase in capacity for producing drinking water was needed, but that there were also distribution problems.

Fortes guaranteed that in the short and medium term, Electra would increase its capacity for producing desalinated water and that it was already working on improving the distribution network. (macauhub)