EU finances reconstruction of roads in Guinea Bissau

30 November 2006

Bissau, Guinea Bissau, 30 Nov – The European Union (EU) plans to provide Guinea Bissau with a total of 8.8 million euros to rebuild 103 kilometers of roads, the EU delegate said in Bissau Wednesday.

The delegate, Italy’s Franco Nulli, said that the work would include reconstruction of road networks in the North, East and South of Guinea Bissau, whose roads are in an advanced state of disrepair, and many are impassable.

The stretches of roads covered will be the 70 kilometers linking the localities of Bula, Canchungo and Cacheu, in the North, and the 33 kilometers between Jugudul and Bantandjam, the road that links the east and South of Guinea Bissau, he added.

Of the 750 kilometers of roads that Guinea Bissau has, 420 were re-laid using EU funds, Nulli said, re-stating the availability of the EU to help the country solve its road problems.

The EU had initially earmarked 44.8 million euros for reconstruction and rehabilitation of infrastructures in Guinea Bissau.

This amount does not include 31.2 million euros for building a road bridge in Sao Vicente (60 kilometers North of Bissau), a job which is the responsibility of Soares da Costa. (macauhub)