China’s Guangdong province wants to create a million jobs per year

19 December 2006

Guangdong, China, 19 Dec – The Chinese province of Guangdong hopes to create over a million jobs per year over the next five years in a drive to maintain its unemployment rate below 3.8 percent, officials said.

According to newspaper, China Daily, in 2005 official figures from the province showed and unemployment rate of 3.5 percent.

Despite the will of the government, economic observers have said that the province will have to create jobs at a quicker pace in order to absorb the high number of students, farmers and migrant workers that enter the local labor market each year.

In the first ten months of the year, Guangdong province created 841,000 jobs and more than 66,000 laid off workers were found new jobs.

At the same time, 665,000 rural workers found new jobs in the cities of the province and 17 million migrant workers from other parts of the country found employment.

China’s Guangdong province has the lowest unemployment rate on the Chinese mainland. (macauhub)