New European Union/Mozambique fishing agreement begins Jan 1

26 December 2006

Brussels, Belgium, 26 Dec – The fishing agreement reached between the European Union (EU) and Mozambique includes almost 100 EU fishing vessels and annual compensation of 900,000 euros for Mozambican fishing policy.

The new agreement, signed last Thursday and announced Friday by the European Commission, will be valid as of January 1, and replaces the convention in place since 2004 and includes an increase of the quota of tuna and other fish from 8,000 to 10,000 tons.

The European Commission has said that this increase ion quotas respects scientific opinion on the subject and meets the demands of member states.

The protocol allows for fishing by 44 trawlers and 45 long liners.

The annual contribution of 900,000 euros is to support Mozambique in developing sustainable and responsible fishing, as under this new agreement the owners of the fishing vessels have to pay 35 euros per ton (as compared with 25 euros in the previous agreement) while the EU contribution has lowered from 75 to 65 euros per ton.

The fishing relations between the EU and Mozambique date back to 1988, and the parties have agreed, from 2007, under the common fisheries policy, to encourage the sustainable exploration of fishing resources. (macauhub)