Leather accounts for over half Brazil’s sales to Macau

2 January 2007

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 02 Jan – Exports of leather from Brazil to Macau represented 55 percent of the US$510,000 of goods Brazil sold to Macau between January and November of 2006, according to figures from Brazil’s Foreign Trade Ministry.

“The Asian market is extremely important for the Brazilian leather industry,“ Luiz Augusto Bittencourt, the executive director of the Brazilian Tanning Industry Center (CICB) told Macauhub.

“Macau, because of its location and because or the language, has enormous potential to make the trade of Brazilian leather easier. The CICB is drawing up strategic actions for 2007, and Macau will certainly be part of those plans,” Bittencourt said.

In 2005, Asia absorbed almost half of Brazilian leather sales. China (mainland and Hong Kong) bought US$484 million, or 35 percent of all Brazilian exports of the product in 2005, a year in which Macau did not buy leather from Brazil.

Figures for 2006 are not yet definitive, but according to the CICB, China’s imports are expected to rise to 37 percent of Brazil’s total leather exports.

Consolidated figures from the Brazilian Foreign Trade Ministry showed that in the first 11 months of 2006, Macau imported US$281,000 in Brazilian leather.

The second most imported product from Brazil to Macau was coffee beans. The value of the import, however, was substantially lower than that of leather. From January to November of last year (2006), Macau bought US$38,000 in coffee from Brazil.

Other products totaled over US$30,000 in sales to Macau in the period: quartz (US$36,000) and electric transformers (US$35,000).

Comparing the first 11 months of 20006 to the same period of 2005, total exports from Brazil to Macau rose 44 percent. (macauhub)