Guangzhou is richest city in China by per capita GDP

4 January 2007

Guangzhou, China, 04 Jan – The per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the Chinese city of Guangzhou is expected to have exceeded US$10,000 in 2006, according to academics cited by daily newspaper, China Business News.

Although GDP per capita figures depend immensely on the way in which the official population of a city is counted, these latest figures seem to indicate that Guangzhou is the richest city in China and the first to reach the designation of “developed city” included by the government in its most recent five-year plan.

According to the Guangdong Social Sciences Academy, the per capita GDP of Guangzhou in 2005 was US$8,500, while in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen it was US$5,457, US$7,600 and US$7,300, respectively. (macauhub)