Governor of Mozambique’s Manica province concerned about river pollution

10 January 2007

Maputo, Mozambique, 10 Jan – The governor of the Mozambican province of Manica, Raimundo Diomba, has said he is concerned with the pollution caused by gold prospectors along the river Pungue and its tributaries.

Speaking to Mozambican newspaper, Notícias, Diomba said that gold prospecting not only endangered wildlife in the affected rivers, but also polluted the water used by the people living along their banks.

The governor said that the prospectors, both Mozambicans and Zimbabweans, carried out their activities illegally and, although he a said the living conditions of the local population had improved, he was concerned with their environmental impact.

Some measures set in place to prevent an environmental disaster are the organization of the prospectors into associations and carrying out an awareness campaign to prevent pollution of rivers.

Diomba also said that his government had placed more guards at the borders in order to prevent the entry of illegal prospectors from Zimbabwe. (macauhub)