Mozambique needs 5.1 billion metical for food self-sufficiency by 2010

11 January 2007

Maputo, Mozambique, 11 Jan – Mozambique needs 5.1 billion metical to achieve food self-sufficiency in the country by 2010, the coordinator of the Agrarian Development Program (Proagri) of the Mozambican Ministry of Agriculture, Fernando Songane said Wednesday in Maputo.

“With that figure, it would be possible to implement the 2nd phase of Proagri and move ahead with self-sufficiency and even project the country as a benchmark in food production,” Songane said.

For this purpose the Mozambican Ministry of Agriculture has eight international partners, including the European Union (EU), with more partners expected to join next February, “when the formulation of the program has become consistent,” the Proagri coordinator added.

Currently, Mozambique produces over 1 million tons of cereals per year, which Songane noted was a shortfall of around 400,000 tons. (macauhub)