Diamond production in Angola may reach 10 million carats in 2008

12 January 2007

Luanda, Angola, 11 Jan – Diamond production in Angola could reach 10 million carats by 2008 against the 8 million produced in 2006, the chairman of state diamond company, Endiama, Arnaldo Calado said Wednesday in Luanda.

According to Angolan news agency Angop, Calado said that one of the comapny’s priorities for 2007 was to begin prospecting work in the provinces of Malanje, Kwanza Sul, Bié, Huíla, Namibe, Cunene, Uíge and Moxico.

Speaking on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the celebrations of the company’s 26th anniversary, the chairman added that from June, Endiama Pesquisa e Producao, a group subsidiary, would begin independent diamond production, in the Camazanza region of Lunda Norte province.

Independent diamond mining by Endiama P&P, he said, would be carried out in a 3,000 square kilometer area.

Diamond production in Angola began in 1917 with the setting up of Companhia de Diamantes de Angola “Diamang,” a company owned by investors from Portugal, Belgium, the United States, the United Kingdom and South Africa.

In 1981, the Angolan authorities took over the entire production of diamonds in the country and set up Endiama.

As well as Endiama P&P, Endiama’s subsidiaries are Sodiam, Enditrrad, Fundação Brilhante and Air Diamantes de Angola, and it has stake sin the mining projects of Catoca, SDM, Luó, Fucaúma, Luarica, Chimbongo, Chitotolo, SML and Yetwene. (macauhub)