European Union discusses Cape Verde’s intention to have special status in relation to EU

22 January 2007

Praia, Cape Verde, 22 Jan – Cape Verde’s plan to achieve a special status in relation to the European Union (EU) is to be discussed on January 30 during the fourth meeting of the working group set up within the EU, the Portuguese Foreign Minister has said.

Speaking to journalists after a meeting with his Cape Verdean counterpart, Victor Borges said that the issue “could have new developments during the Portuguese presidency of the EU,” in the second half of this year.

Cape Verde’s Foreign Minister, Luís Amado noted however that no “high expectations should be created,” because it was a “complex issue” and “political and technical conditions” needed to be created for it to go ahead.

The ministers also discussed the holding of the second EU/Africa summit, which Portugal has said it considers a priority for its presidency although Amado noted that “political conditions need to be ensured,” in order for it to go ahead.

A second high-level meeting between Europeans and Africans was set for 2003, but did not go ahead due to opposition from some European countries, namely the United Kingdom, about the presence of Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe at the summit, as he is accused of violating human rights and is subject to EU sanctions. (macauhub)