Mozambique government agrees with World Bank to promote quality tourism

23 January 2007

Maputo, Mozambique, 23 Jan – The government of Mozambique agreed with the World Bank Monday to make “high level investments” in tourism, based on three “anchor locations” which have yet to be chosen.

The agreement was signed between the Mozambican Ministry of Tourism and the International Financial Cooperation (IFC), a World Bank institution specialized in financing the private sector and companies with limited access to capital.

One of the areas being considered in the agreement is Zambezia, in central Mozambique, according to the IFC statement.

As part of the Anchor-Project for Tourism Investment two further areas will be chosen in Mozambique for developing quality tourism.

An “anchor location” is defined as a geographic area where strategic development will be made easier in order to attract tourist development and additional investment, the IFC said.

“Anchor locations” can be big or small, in areas where there is no kind of development or in existing resorts that can be improved in order to reach international standards.

The program aims to create economic opportunities for Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and for local communities in the areas where the investment projects have been set up.

The program will last for approximately three years and has been split into three stages.

The first stage consists of locating the three “anchor locations” and drawing up the program, including the institutional structure, while the second stage is to develop investment opportunities for the selected areas.

In the third stage the investment opportunities will be promoted to potential investors and links will be made with the local communities and SMEs. (macauhub)