Mozambique’s National Cashew Institute wants to control cashew exports through Maputo port

26 January 2007

Maputo, Mozambique, 26 Jan – Mozambique’s National Cashew Institute (Incaju) plans to tighten the rules on exporting unprocessed cashew nuts through the port of Maputo in order to assess the quantity and quality of the product that leaves the country via that route, officials said.

The rules already exist and were included in a government decree from 2003 but,, Ana Machalele, from the economic department of Incaju, told Mozambican news agency AIM that those rules were not being followed in the port of Maputo, which made it easier for unprocessed cashew nuts to be exported without the required form.

According to Machalele, exporters state the quantity of cashews they are going to report without anyone checking the truth of that statement and without Incaju being informed about the quality of the nuts being exported.

This inspection is important because ex porters have to pay an extra tax, a measure which was introduced to protect the Mozambican cashew industry and ensure that total production is not exported to India without being processed.

Machalele added that due to the poor level of inspection at the port of Maputo, many exporters were leaving Nacala port, where checks are rigorous and sending their cargo south regardless of transport costs.

Under the terms of the government decree, all unprocessed cashew nut exports must be weighed on Incaju scales and the institute’s technicians must be present in order to certify the quantity and quality of the nuts.

Technicians from Incaju expect 15,000 tons of cashew nuts to be exported to India via the port of Nacala, but have no idea of the real figures for the port of Maputo.

Of the 75,000 tons that will be bought from producers in the 2006/2007 season, between 25,000 and 30,000 will be processed by the 23 factories in Mozambique. (macauhub)