Macau ends 2006 with unemployment rate of 3.5 percent

30 January 2007

Macau, China, 30 Jan – The unemployment rate in Macau at the end of 2006 totaled 3.5 percent, or 0.5 percentage points less than in the previous year, the region’s Statistics and Census Bureau said Monday.

According to a statement from the Bureau, in the final quarter of 2006 the active population of Macau totaled 268,000 people and there were 10,000 unemployed, 1,100 of which were searching for their first job.

At the end of December, the number of non-resident workers was 64,674 people, or 14.4 percent more than in the previous quarter.

The improvement of the employment situation in Macau, which has been the trend since the end of 2003, is due to the number of jobs available in the gaming, hotel and restaurant sectors, which are sustained by the growing number of visitors to the territory.

In 2006 Macau had 21.9 million visitors, as compared with 18.7 million in 2005. (macauhub)