Portugal and Cape Verde join forces to push for archipelago’s special status in relation to EU

2 February 2007

Praia, Cape Verde, 2 Feb – Cape Verde and Portugal have decided to draw up a plan of action for the West African archipelago to be granted special status in relation to the European Union (EU), Cape Verde’s ambassador to Portugal, Arnaldo Andrade told Radio Cabo Verde Thursday in Portugal.

The ambassador said that the decision had been taken Tuesday in Lisbon during a three-way meeting between representatives of the European Commission, Cape Verde and Portugal, to discuss the special partnership that the archipelago plans to set up with the 27 countries of the EU.

Andrade also said that the plan of action, which was being submitted to the European Commission, was “a first concrete step” towards the partnership, as “for the first time, we have moved ahead with something concrete, other than just statements.”

The Cape Verdean diplomat admitted that the process would be a long one as there was no precedent set for a country outside the European continent to have a special status in relation to the EU.

Andrade noted however that the governments of Portugal, Spain and Luxembourg had supported Cape Verde’s move to be granted special status. (macauhub)