Macau exports less and overall trade with Brazil falls 29 pct in 2006

2 February 2007

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2 Feb – Trade between Macau and Brazil fell to US$6.3 million in 2006, after having reached a total of US$8.9 million a year before, according to figures from Brazil’s Foreign Trade Ministry.

The fall was due to a reduction in Macau’s sales to Brazil, which in 2006 totaled US$5.7 million, against US$8.5 million in 2005.

Exports from Brazil to Macau increased but their overall value was marginal – US$568,000 in 2006 against US$355,000 a year before.

The results can be explained by the fact that the trade relationship between Macau and Brazil is, “limited to just a few products,” said Paul Liu, the president of the Brazil-China Chamber for Economic Development (CBCDE).

This is due, according to Liu, to a “lack of information that Brazilian business owners have about Macau and what Macau wants to buy and sell.”

“Products need to be diversified and for that Macau has to be known in Brazil, Brazilian have to be presented with the rules, legal aspects and other information on Macau,” Liu said, adding that Brazilians still bought many Chinese products through Hong Kong, when the could be negotiating with Macau businesspeople.

The fall in Brazilian imports in 2006 was particularly influenced by lower purchases of products used to finish and waterproof leather. In 2005, Brazil spent US$3.1 million on those products, but last year only US$675,000 – a fall of 75 percent.

Despite this, Macau posted a trade surplus with Brazil last year of US$5.1 million. However, this year Macau exports were ten time Brazilian imports, while in 2005 they were 23 times greater. (macauhub)