Lisbon Airport undergoes construction work from next week until 2010

8 February 2007

Lisbon, Portugal, 8 Feb – Portugal’s Lisbon Airport is to undergo construction and refurbishment work over the next three year, as part of an expansion project, whose effects will be felt as of next week, the director of airport management company, ANA-Aeroportos de Portugal, Rui Veres said Wednesday in Lisbon.

The work, which will make it possible for the airport to absorb increased demand before the new airport at Ota opens in 2017, has already begun, but so far has been practically imperceptible to the airport’s users.

Sinec November 2006, when the expansion plan costing 380 million euros was announced, Lisbon Airport has had work done on its central platform and access roads, with increased parking for aircraft from 37 to 51 places.

With the start of work on the new passenger terminal, terminal 2, scheduled for next week, construction will become visible to users and, said Rui Veres.

The terminal, which will cost around 18 million euros, will make it possible for the airport not to lose traffic during the building work.

After the new terminal is built, construction will move on to a new cargo complex, with capacity for 100,00 tons and space to expand to two handling operators working at the airport, Groundforce and Portway, according to the architect responsible for the project.

12 consortiums applied to carry out the work on the airport – estimated to cost 27 million euros, and their proposals are currently being analyzed.

The work will make it possible to increase the capacity of the airport from 10 million passengers per year to 16 million in 2010.

In 2006 the airport served 12 million passengers.

Once work has been finished, Lisbon Airport will have 47 departure gates (30 of which to Schengen countries), or 21 more than it currently has, and 20 direct access walkways, and its cargo capacity will increase from 80,000 tons per year to 100,000 to 150,000 tons per year. (macauhub)