China posts trade surplus with Brazil for fourth consecutive month

16 February 2007

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 16 Feb – Chinese exports to Brazil rose 59 percent in January, with China posting a surplus in its trade with Brazil, according to figures from Brazil’s Foreign Trade Ministry.

In the first month of 2007, China’s sales to Brazil totaled US$791 million. In the opposite direction, Brazilian exports to China totaled US$558 million.

China’s trade surplus with Brazil in January this totaled US$233 million and was the highest of the four months since October, when the surplus totaled US$73 million. In November China’s trade surplus with Brazil rose to US$196 million, falling to US$123 the next month.

With the significant increase posted in January, China accounted for 8.3 percent of all Brazil’s imports and recovered its place as the second largest supplier of the Brazilian market, a position occupied by Argentina in the previous month.

In the opposite direction, China is the third largest destination for Brazilian exports, after the United States (US$1.7 billion) and Argentina (US$823 million).

The Netherlands were close to third position amongst the biggest buyers from Brazil, with US$554 million – just US$4 million less than China.

In Brazil’s January exports, China was the main destination for iron ore and the second-largest market for leather (after Italy) and cast iron (after the United States). China is also the second biggest market for plastic polymers, after Argentina. (macauhub)