Brazil brings forward deadline for replacing 5 pct of diesel with biodiesel to 2010

27 February 2007

Brasilia, Brazil, 27 Feb – The Brazilian government announced Monday that it had brought forward by three years, to 2010, the deadline for mixing conventional diesel with 5 percent of biodiesel, state news agency Agência Brasil reported.

With production increased to 1.3 billion liters per year, the initial 2013 date can now be brought forward, said the coordinator of the National Program for Biodiesel Production and Use, Arnoldo de Campos.

There are currently 11 biodiesel factories in Brazil producing 640 million liters of biodiesel per year, but when a further 13 factories go into production, which is expected to occur in the first half of this year, total production is expected to reach 1.3 billion liters a year.

“That is almost double what is needed to fulfil the 2 percent of biodiesel to be added to diesel, scheduled for January 2008. That is, a year early, and we have more than enough capacity to respect the deadlines and as production is increasing rapidly we can bring forward the 5 percent target, which was set for 2013, to 2010,” said de Campos.

As well as producing a less polluting fuel, the biodiesel program should also make it possible for Brazil to stop importing diesel. Brazil’s current diesel consumption is of around 40 billion liters and 5 percent of that amount, or 2 billion liters, is imported.

“We are now close to importing half of what we used to import as it can be replaced with biodiesel and, soon, when we reach the level of 5 percent of biodiesel in diesel, we will stop importing diesel,” said de Campos. (macauhub)