Southern China is an opportunity for Portuguese environment companies, Portuguese government official says

27 February 2007

Lisbon, Portugal, 27 Feb – The provinces of Southern China provide important opportunities for Portuguese companies, especially in the Environmental sector, the Portuguese secretary of state for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation said Monday in Lisbon.

“We have good and competitive companies in the Environment, which is very important to Southern China, and which in the next few years will see enormous demand,” João Gomes Cravinho told Portuguese news agency Lusa, on the sidelines of the II International Sinology Forum.

Demand he said, would be the result of the future of the intense industrialization the country is currently going through, making the Environmental sector a “value added niche.”

“Portugal has some environmental companies with a lot of experience and a lot of interest, which could work in Southern China with a lot of success,” he said.

The secretary of state added that the Portuguese government was “working with the Macau government and Macau companies,” to make the most of this “niche,” which was a focus of the recent visit by Portugal’s prime minister to China.

According to Cravinho, “Macau is part of the future,” for Portugal and is important as a point of “entry for Portuguese companies,” not only in the administrative region, “but also to the market in the South.”

Macau is now important in the “cooperation between Portugal and China in other parts of the world,” as is demonstrated by the Forum for Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries, he said.

The II International Sinology Forum was organized by the Portuguese Sinology Institute, by the Municipality of Gaia and the Portuguese Academic Society of Chinese Medicine.

The Forum will have a further four days of activities, between March 8 and 11. (macauhub)