Mozambican government launches state worker census

6 March 2007

Maputo, Mozambique, 6 March – The Mozambican government Monday officially launched a complete census of its public administration sector warning that whoever did not register would no longer receive their salary, Mozambican news agency Aim reported.

According to AIM the census will take place until March 31 and, although it was officially launched Monday, it had begun in Maputo last week.

Speaking to journalists, Prime Minister Luis a Diogo said that whoever did not register with census officials would no linger receive a salary.

The idea, Diogo said, was to protect genuine public workers, which was a tacit admission of the existence of “ghost workers” who do not exist but who are paid.

Although Mozambique’s state workers have to provide proof of life using a document sealed by a notary, Diogo said that this document proved nothing, as the worker does not have to present themselves in person to the notary.

The census initially will cover just Maputo and the 10 provincial capitals, but as of March 19 it will move on to the 128 rural districts. (macauhub)