European Union grants more funding to Guinea Bissau to build bridge over Cacheu river

8 March 2007

Bissau, Guinea Bissau, 8 March – The European Union (EU) Wednesday handed over a further 4.8 million euros in funding to Guinea Bissau, most of which the country plans to use to build a bridge over the Cacheu river, officials said.

The EU had already provided 26 million euros to build the bridge, which is Guinea Bissau’s biggest civil engineering project.

Brussels is financing the entire bridge building project with a total of 28.8 million euros. The bridge, located in Sao Vicente, is to be built by Portuguese construction company Soares da Costa.

The ceremony to start construction of the bridge is scheduled for Friday and will be attended by Guinean president, João Bernardo “Nino” Vieira.

Also on Wednesday, the EU handed the Guinean government 1 million euros for a two-year project to boost local capacity to fight agricultural blights.

In 2005, Guinea Bissau was affected by a plague of migratory locusts, which caused serious damage to many of the country’s agricultural plantations. (macauhub)