Cabinda Port dragged in order to receive larger ships

12 March 2007

Cabinda, Angola, 12 March – The port of Cabinda in Angola is being dragged in order to allow larger ships to moor there, the deputy coordinator of the port, Lourdes Casimiro said Friday in Cabinda.

According to Angolan news agency Angop, the dock is 120 meters long and has a draught of 4.8 meters at low tide.

The work that is underway, as part of an overall refurbishment of Cabinda Port, is focused on removing sand from the seabed in order to increase the depth to at least 6 meters, those allowing larger ships to moor there.

According to Casimiro, after the work is finished, larger ships – which used to moor offshore and transfer their goods to smaller ships – will be unloaded more quickly and goods will also be processed through customs more quickly.

With improvements to the dock, along with other structural improvements, Cabinda Port, due to its excellent geographic location, will be able to provided services to shipping along the Soyo/Cabinda/Boma/Matadi/Ponta Negra routes. (macauhub)