Investments in Cape Verde water supply exceed 9 million euros over 5 years

23 March 2007

Praia, Cape Verde, 23 March – Investments in the Cape Verdean water sector over the last five years exceeded 9.1 million euros, according to the archipelago’s Ministry of Environment and Agriculture.

In a statement issues on World Water day (March 22), the Ministry said that in Cape Verde the problems related to a lack of water were the result of an austere climate, characterized by a very short period of rain and other highly unfavourable natural conditions.

“This is why successive governments have focused, from very early on, on a policy of clear priority for water that focuses on supplying populations with relatively healthful conditions and in quantities that satisfy the minimum needs of families,” the statement said.

Figures recently published by the country’s National Statistics Institute (INE) showed that in 2006 around three quarters of Cape Verdean families had a source of water at least 15 minutes away and around 92 out of every 100 were less than 30 minutes away from a water source.

A survey carried out by INE, which covered around 7,294 families in the archipelago’s 22 municipal areas, confirmed that Cape Verde had already achieved the 7th Millennium Development Goal in terms of access to drinking water.

The statement also said that even in rural areas around 77 percent of families had drinking water and their situation is even better in urban areas due to investments made in the country’s water supply infrastructures. (macauhub)