Mozambique needs US$5 billion for electricity projects, minister says

29 March 2007

Maputo, Mozambique, 29 March – Mozambique needs US$5 billion to invest in electricity projects in order to overcome its current crisis, said the country’s Energy Minister Salvador Namburete Wednesday in Maputo.

The government is focusing its efforts on boost production capacity by boosting the output of the hydroelectric generators at Mphanda Nkuwa (with an estimated capacity of 1,300 megawatts), Lurio II (120 MW), Massingir (27 MW), as well as the gas-fired plant located in the north of Inhambane.

The minister, who was speaking to journalists during the Forum for African Energy Ministers, said that Mozambique had other sources of energy, such as the coal-fired plant at Moatize, “which is currently in promotion, because its feasibility studies have already been carried out.”

“We will continue to carry out feasibility studies in other areas that have potential to generate power. We have a very big power potential, which could go up to 12,500 megawatts in hydroelectric power alone, and that is enough to satisfy our needs, not only for distributing electricity to the population, but also for large projects. At the moment we have MOZAL III and other projects waiting for confirmation of power to be able to be built,” he said.

In relation to the Forum, Namburete said that it aimed to “harmonize positions in relation to ways to solve the energy crisis that is affecting the African Continent today.”

In the first two days of the Forum technical discussions were held to produce recommendations to be incorporated in the so-called Maputo Ministerial Declaration, which is due to be approved Thursday by 25 African energy ministers.

The declaration will contain messages for international cooperation partners, regional organizations, sub-regional and international and financial organizations on what the African Continent needs to advance in the area in order to reduce current levels of shortage of power by making use of natural resources. (macauhub)