Response from Ministries remains slow, says president of Mozambican employers’ association

2 April 2007

Maputo, Mozambique, 2 April – The response capacity of some ministries to requests from the private sector remains slow, especially in the introduction of measures to improve the business climate, said the president of the Confederation of Mozambican Economic Associations (CTA) Friday in Maputo.

Speaking at the Widened Consultation Council of the private sector, Salimo Abdula also said that “businesspeople want the ‘Decision Made, Decision Carried Out’ orientation of the president of the Republic, Armando Guebuza, to be rigorously applied.”

Although he said the business climate in Mozambique was improving, Abdula added that he could not say this with great conviction.

“The World Bank said in its ‘Doing Business 2007’ that the registration of a company in Mozambique takes 133 days. The Confederation carried out a survey and discovered that it is possible to register a company in 30 days. We have improved. But we have only partly improved as this registration is only from retail and service companies,” said the CTA president.

He noted that in the activities that involve environmental impact studies or land use and rights there had been no improvements in the response from ministries. (macauhub)