Mozambique should focus on EU exports, ministry official says

10 April 2007

Maputo, Mozambique, 10 April – The Mozambican government should try to take best advantage of preferential export conditions offered by the European Union (EU) for its products, the national International Relations director of the Mozambican Ministry of Industry and Trade said Monday in Maputo.

According to Cerina Abdul, focus on increasing exports to markets such as the EU is particularly urgent due to the creation of a free trade area for the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC).

The creation of a free trade area for the countries in the region, within the framework of a weak Mozambican industrial output, could mean an increase in the country’s dependence on neighboring South Africa.

According to Abdul, Mozambique should focus on increasing its production capacity of its most competitive and value added products, alongside a reduction of its dependence on imported products.

“We have to work internally to increase our production capacity because, whether or not we negotiate Economic Partnership Agreements with the EU, if we don’t have this capacity and the private sector does not invest in the most competitive areas in the region and internationally we will continue to be a consumer nation,” she said.

Lat year the Mozambican government launched a campaign called “produce, Consume and Export Mozambican,” in order to promote local products. (macauhub)