European Commission donates 4.3 million euros to Mozambique for agricultural research

4 June 2007

Maputo, Mozambique, 4 June – the European Commission Friday handed over 4.3 million euros to Mozambique for agricultural research, particularly in the area of cashew nuts, cotton and manioc in order to improve production and productivity of farmers.

The respective protocol was signed by Agriculture minister, Erasmo Muhate and by EC ambassador, Glauco Clauzuola with Muhate saying that those crops were selected because they were the most for improving the living conditions of the population.

Maputo newspaper, Notícias, said in its Saturday edition that the research would be carried out by the National Agricultural Research Institutes for Cotton and Cashew Promotion.

This funding was provided as part of a program established by the EC to compensate countries with which it cooperates for losses of export revenue for certain products.

The funds are part of the European Union’s support for Proagri (National Program for Agricultural Development) and is part of the annual amount of some 17 million euros provided for the purpose by the EC to the Mozambican Agriculture Ministry. (macauhub)