European Commission representative travels to Cape Verde for talks

7 June 2007

Praia, Cape Verde, 7 June – The European Commission (EC) director general for Development, Stefano Manservisi, is due to arrive in Praia Friday to “establish contacts with the government about the European Union-Cape Verde Special Partnership,” the EU representative office in the cape Verdean capital said Wednesday.

Manservisi will be in Praia Friday and Saturday for meetings with the Cape Verdean authorities, namely on the “Special Partnership” that Cape Verde wants to establish with the European Union.

“This visit,” said a statement from the EU diplomatic mission in Praia, “represents one of the stages of mutual efforts to boost cooperation between the European Union, its member states and the government of Cape Verde and follows a visit by the Minister of Foreign Affair, Cooperation and Communities to Brussels on May 14.”

During his stay in Cape Verde, Manservisi will meet with Prime Minister José Maria das Neves, as well as with the Ministers for Foreign Affairs, Infrastructures, Finance, Justice, and the Economy.

“The meetings will discuss the concrete possibilities of implementing increased cooperation between the EU and Cape Verde, directed, along with current cooperation areas (fighting poverty, health, infrastructures and water), at areas that respond to the new needs identified by the government,” the statement added.

the occasion will also serve for Praia and Brussels to examine new cooperation possibilities, namely through budgetary aid, “taking into consideration on the one hand, the context of the country graduating to the level of Medium Development Country and, also, the fact that it has high economic growth.” (macauhub)