Angolan government to restore agro-industrial facility in Malanje

8 June 2007

Capanda, Angola, 8 June – The Angolan government is set to invest US$324 billion on the Malanje agro-industrial hub, the deputy provincial governor, Gaspar Neto said Thursday in Capanda.

According to Angolan news agency Angop, Neto said that the investment was aimed at re-launching the province’s agro-industrial activity, which had been at a standstill due to the civil war.

Neto said that, considering that the province was developing only small-scale industrial activities such as mills and bakeries, the agro-industrial hub in Malanje would allow for the region’s economic development, with Brazilian company Odebrecht currently carrying out a technical and financial feasibility study.

The Malanje agro-industrial hub, located in Capanda, Covers the municipal areas of Cacuso, Malanje and Cangandala, in an area of 164,000 square kilometers.

The project is the responsibility of the Ministries for Industry, Energy and Water, Agriculture and Rural Development and the government of the province. (macauhub)