Sweden to pay for power transmission line in Niassa, Mozambique

14 June 2007

Maputo, Mozambique, 14 June – Sweden is to contribute US$11.3 million for construction of a power transmission line in the Mozambican province of Niassa, the Swedish embassy’s economic advisor, Anton Johnston said in Maputo Wednesday.

The line will link the city of Cuamba to the cities of Mecanhelas and Marrupa and is part of the Mozambican government’s program to ensure that at least 101 of the 128 district capitals are linked to the national power grid, which is based on the Cahora Bassa hydroelectric dam, over the next three years.

According to state company Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM) at the moment only 60 district capitals are linked to the national grid.

Sweden has already co-financed, with a round US$100 million, the project ot expand to the north the lines out of Cahora Bassa to Cuamba and the provincial capital of Niassa, Lichinga, with a link to the town of Metangula, on lake Niassa.

Sweden also financed the reconstruction and paving on the road between Litunde and Marrupa, part of an ambitious project to provide Niassa with a road to the Indian Ocean. (macauhub)